Painting a Wooden Pallet

You all must be quite familiar to the fact that use of pallet wood for making furniture is a very popular phenomenon across the globe. It is not just only to make furniture and place somewhere rather the pallet furniture needs to be beautiful by using paints and some other decorations. The use of paints makes the pallet furniture look more attractive and eye catching. Pallet wood painting is indeed an artistic work. Making something look similar to a new and fresh thing is not an easy task. Once you have made some furniture out of pallet wood the next need that you need to be good at is painting that piece of furniture.


The most important thing that needs to know is that every piece of pallet wood is different from other piece and takes the paint differently. The technique of paint in case of a pallet wood is not similar to that of painting a new piece of furniture made from other wood.


Before you go for painting a pallet wood, it is essentially important that you sand the wood completely so that rough surface becomes little smooth and rough spots are off; it is comparatively easy to paint a smooth surface. Moreover, while sanding make sure you don’t remove all the roughness but little is remained so that it helps in giving it a different look to the pallet furniture.


You can use chip brush for pallet paint as it is really cheap. They are good enough to paint the little rough surface of pallet wood. It entirely depends on you that you opt for painting several boards together or paint separately. The choice of paint colors should be made very carefully. It should be done keeping in view the surroundings of the place where pallet furniture has to be placed. You can choose bright colors as they look more attractive.



What needs to be done during the painting process that you don’t clean off brush between colors but you need to brush until all the paint goes off? If you want to blend colors to give a different look you can use same brush but in case you want a clear cut distinction than you need to use separate brush for other paint color.


Once you have completed one layer of the pallet paint you need to put it for drying and then go for painting the next layer. If you want smoother surface for the next layer, you will sand the dried pallet wood again depending on how much smoothness you want. The next step is to wax the top surface of the pallet furniture. You can also use dark walnut for staining; this is very easily available in markets. You can also use a chip brush for dark walnut too. Once you have put on the stain you can wipe it off with the rag. You can always go for mixing dark walnut with any of the other colors. The blending looks just perfect. Lastly, you can use polish as well to make the surface shining.

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