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Tutorial: DIY Pallet Bench

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Decorate your patio or pergola with your talent. Make these easy DIY pallet bench and save money in the process. The benches sport a shabby style giving a countryside barn effect to your yard.

Your equipment:

  • Pallets of course
  • Nails or screws
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Wood stain or oil

Wooden Pallet Bench

Get your gear and let us go for some hammering!

  1. Use a manual or electric saw and cut a few pallets in halves. Depending on how high you want your bench to be, you may need anywhere from two or three halves. This bench is made with three halves and stands approximately two feet high. Attach these securely to one another to create the seat.
  2. For the back, take a whole pallet and stand it horizontally. Screw or nail it to the seat you have just finished making. Make sure the front of the pallet is facing you. Your seat is ready now.
  3. Oil coat the bench as it will need some protection from rain and climatic changes. You can oil or stain the pallet pieces before assembling.
  4. Get some cushion for the padding of the seat to make it comfortable. Dress them up with pretty cushion covers made by you.
  5. Make a few of these and renovate your house outdoors or garden.


cut the pallets

cut pallets

join togather

paint it back

attach the back

The traditional barn look comes out in these seat benches. You can place paint them any color or place them anywhere in or outdoor.

Pallet Bench Plans

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