Pallet and Cable Spool Chairs

Pallet wood can also be used in collaboration with various other materials to give extra functional layouts of pallet furniture that can be much useful and supporting for a home! Having extra sitting space always make you trouble-free while having an unexpected entry of a guest or a friend so just as a cost efficient solution to this problem, DIY department has been offered these DIY pallet and cable spool chairs which are amazing to look at and super comfortable to sit in!

Spools wheels in this case, comes as armrests and round shapes of them really give cool effects to chairs! Berth and backrest positions are made of pulled apart pallet deck boards joined in slatted arrangements! Chairs would make a perfect choice while intending to organize a patio or a garden area! Pallet Chairs have been painted in red and yellow that make the design friendly to kids would be great if you want to add some colors to targeted space!

recycled pallet and spool wheels chairs
Both pallet and cable spool can be accessed easily by taking a little visit of scrap piles, dumping grounds and junk yards! After getting these supplies one can easily gain these stylish designs of chairs which are amazingly comfortable to sit back in!
handmade pallet and spool wheel chairs
Spool wheels have been used here to perform as armrest position only while the additional short wooden legs have been provide to make the design look more precious, stylish and stable as well!
diy pallet and spool wheel chair
To raise the aesthetic value, the chairs have been painted in red and yellow for a precious look that are sure to please the kids eyes!

Made your own Pallet Sofa:

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