DIY Pallet and Cable Spool Patio Set

Before ending up anything to landfill areas we should analyze it a little bit as there a plenty of items that we waste daily for nothing but they have awesome recycling potential! If you give 2nd more chance to items having great recyclability, they can provide you with some highly useful and practical crafts in return that can accelerate your current and less functional lifestyle! There is a big list of items that can repurposed again and again but pallets just comes at the top in the list of raw materials that are great candidate for recycling!

You can examine the recyclability of pallet by taking a look at this DIY pallet and cable spool patio set which can attract any outdoor lover! Pallet have been treated with cable spools or reels to achieve this beautiful patio 2-person chair set with a side or coffee table design made of a miniature cable reel! Spool wheels not only provide visually pleasing round sides to chairs but also play a magnificent role as armrest to chairs!


recycled pallet and cable spool patio chair set
Manage a stock containing some pallets and cable reel which can easily be grabbed from a local junk yard or dumpster! Mini cable spools can be used as already made side tables and you only need to align them vertically to do so! Chairs are really a creative achievement of recycling in which spools gives the artistic round legs while pallets have been planned out to give the L-shape berth and backrest positions!
repurposed pallet and cable spool chairs
Give some cuts to spools wheels serving as both armrests and legs to chairs to gain them in a stable position! Given some clear satin or varnish coats to let the wood stay last even in outdoor weather!

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