DIY Pallet Office Room Divider

Sometime we need to create a little privacy in a given spacious room or have to share our room without a newly entered person which may be a friend or guest, then room dividers become an items of your first priority and play a magnificent role! For multi-functioning and tasking in an office room, the dividers are also used there which are some time fixed and some time come on slides! We have here to introduce you to this DIY pallet room divider, a perfectly made wooden wall and has a custom-built design for an office interior!

A little window space has been left inside that also makes it suitable to use as a information window while dealing the visitors or customers in an office or in any department where your need some information cells to put in! The whole structure has been supported by 2 thicker pillars! The mid side area has been filled with pre-made pallet units constructed by putting together equal numbers of removed pallet slats which are always equally thick and long at the same time!

recycled pallet office room divider
This divider would be awesome while you are intending a divide a big office room into 2 for some more office works and tasks, to still keep the fellows sitting in newly made room in touch, a big window has been made where the office workers can also exchange the things and apparatus!
handmade wooden pallet office room divider
While construction has been done using some small pre-made pallet units and some thicker wooden pillars that support the whole skeleton and has been raised from floor to ceiling!
diy pallet office room divider
Pre-fabricated pallet units have been given inside storage depth and have installed in opposite direction to each other to give some storage space to both persons sitting in sides of it! Just plan a nice finish for a more sparking and weather-protected wooden surfaces!

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