DIY Pallet Sofa Set

Pallets are being utilized for custom construction of interior furnishings that may suit best to any targeted dimensions or layout of an interior! The set of pallet furniture that mostly comes to our sight while entering home interior is the sofa set and is also commonly found at outdoor where you enjoy free time sitting with lots of gossips and conversations!

This time we are again to nominate the pallets for this brilliant achievement of this DIY pallet sofa set, an all in one set that provides at the same time 2 chairs, one bigger sofa and two perfect raised spots at both corners which can display your decorative stuff and can be set off as side tables to organize the relevant material!

Starting from stacking of rough pallet boards the whole chair and sofa frames have been installed which have been covered then with solid pallet straight boards for a complete dignified look! Backrests have been given a tilted position for a comfortable sitting!

rustic wooden pallet boards
Search the areas around your home where there is always a rush of shipment delivers like department stores, food stores, constructions sides and garden stores to get fresh supply of pallets! (Where to get pallets?)If not find any, then just visit the shipping area located nearby and just take a little roundup of junky yards, dumping grounds and nurseries to get sufficient supply of pallets to do big project!
separated apart straight pallet boards
After having a big supply of pallets which is required in this case of living room sofa construction, just dismantle those boards to gain bundles of straight individual pallet boards which can be taken as flat wooden slats to do any furniture project easily! Mange some appropriate tools for quick deconstruction of pallet like sawzall, pry bar and hammer and also the pallet breaker!
wooden pallet living room sofa set
Start building the targeted and measured dimensions of your sofa and chairs, you can install rough frames first and then can cover them with pallet slats for a complete, solid and smooth look! In this case the entire construction work has been done in the same way!
sturdy pallet living room sofa set
Two beefy chairs and a sturdy multi-seater sofa has been constructed by installing pallet planks and also whole pallet boards! Each chair and sofa comes with backrests tilted to an angle for a sloped look that gives more amusing sitting position! A side table has also been made a part of the construction which is having a big supporting role in every matter of sitting!And this has been done on both sides of the sofa!
diy pallet cushioned sofa set
Both chairs have been combined to main sofa to treat this set as one unit which can easily be dragged to any location for instant comfortable sitting! Each corner of this set creates a perfect display point too where you place some decent lights, decors, vases and also the books and magazines!
regained pallet solid sofa set
Give extra life to your set by applying some stain coats, varnish coats and event the paint coats if you want to create a modern look of it! Trim down exceeded edges as per demand of an elegant layout and also apply your own creativity to decorate it more using personally selected ornaments and embellishments!
handmade cushioned pallet sofa set
Give the final serene touch and create the overall tranquil look of it by placing the cushions over, high density foam mattress can also be used for overall padding or upholstering that will results into luxurious sitting comfort!

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