Pallet and Old Cart Wheel Garden Wheelbarrow

Old things may have surprising recycling potential to emerge into new functional objects, the ideas we share here would really prove it true for you! We like to share this DIY pallet and old cart wheel garden wheelbarrow that is a total new serviceable look of old retired materials, pallet wood and scrapped away wheels! This wheelbarrow can serve as better transportation of garden stuff ad can itself be filled with potting soil to serve as accent garden planter!

Two precious artistic handles have been installed to drive it smooth to either direction and this wheelbarrow comes with two front wheels! Rear of this handmade wooden wheelbarrow has been support with two short but stable wooden legs that really cause it to stand well when it is not moving! It would also make a better gift for people around you passionate for gardening! Just paint it and fancy it up with custom accents, embellishments and name letters, would really be center of attention in your garden if you do so!

wooden pallet and old cart wheel wheelbarrow
Welcome this amusing craft cleverly design with useless types of materials! Pallets and a two old cart wheels are the whole items you need to setup this old looking wheelbarrow!
no-cost pallet and old cart wheel wheelbarrow
It can really stay better in your hands due to longer arms which will also facilitate your to drive it either personal or decided location of your garden!
handcrafted wooden pallet and old cart wheels wheelbarrow
Allow yourself to decide it a garden planter, the inside deep storage space can hold well the potting soil and hence the planter flowers and herbs!

Made by: Barry Maher

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