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Pallet Vegetables Garden and Safety Fence

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Pallets are ever considered a useless thing and handled as garbage or trash. But recycling and creative skills can turn them into useful and attractive objects. You can use pallets in a variety of ways that can bring comfort in your life in an inexpensive way. Creating a pallet garden is quite a new and unique idea that can help in building flower and vegetables beds using useless wooden pallets. This unique idea will formulate you independent and also provide opportunity for earning by sale of your pallet garden products. It is not so hard to create a useful and unique garden; it just requires your attention and interest in gardening. In this way you can grow plants in your home using your garage, backyard, and balcony and even on roof.

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First of all select a location in your home for your pallet garden. Keep in mind the plants needs about air and light for growth while deciding on the point. Collect some pallets or buy them as these are available for minimal charges. Provide necessary tools, glue and nail for making pallet boxes for your pallet garden. Provide some big plastic bags and seeds and plants for planting in your garden.

pallet garden fence

Prepare pallet boxes for garden:

Take pallets of proper size according to place you have selected for your pallet garden. Take four long and 2 x 2” wooden pieces, arrange and join rest of pallets on these wooden rods in such a way that it adopts the square box shape. Now on the base also fix some pallets and on bottom of this box fix a wheel on each corner for making it easy to move through. Following the same method you may create as many boxes as you need in your pallet garden.

pallet garden fence
Filling of pallet boxes for gardening:

Place large plastic bags into the pallet box and fill it with loam soil that is very good for gardening. Now you can add plant seeds into the soil for your garden either flowers or vegetables. Move this pallet box to the selected place for your pallet garden. Organize all your pallet boxes with soil and planting seeds for your garden.

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Safety measures for the long life of pallet garden:

As you know plants need plenty of water and also evaporate water in their atmosphere that increases humidity in their surroundings. This factor can damage your pallet boxes so it is more secure to cover your pallet boxes with sufficient paint or varnish coats that save the wooden pallets form damage by humidity or water element of garden.

pallet garden fence

Look after your garden keenly and use suitable fertilizers for better growth of your plants. Use pesticide if needed for getting a good output. You may grow flowery plants or vegetables and when your garden starts production you can find your clients in market and supply flowers or vegetables of your garden in market. This will add sufficient increment to your income along with satisfaction of your inner esthetic sense.

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