DIY Rustic Pallet Headboard

A bed cannot be fully established in its trendy mode until it is missing a headboard. The trendy layouts of headboards have a very serviceable character as they are made with storage capability and they can go for storage of night conveniences, books and other personal items like mobile phones. Here we have handcrafted a DIY pallet rustic headboard which can really glorify any bed theme with its unique wooden appearance.

It will also resist the falling off the pillows and can also be beautified with beautiful lights to accentuate the whole room environment. We have totally salvaged this bed’s head out of shipping pallets which are much accessible. This DIY pallet headboard has a very easy skill level as you just need to tear apart the pallet into separated pieces to get a rectangular wooden board out of them. If you are willing too to get this nice piece for your bed then grab the pallet wood wherever you find it gettable.

recycled pallet headboard

There was a building under construction in the surrounding, we happened to pass from there and we saw some pallets lying here and there. We got few skids from their with the permission of the admin and made a plan to recycle them to get a serviceable behavior.

rustic pallet headboard with lights

We were lacking of a headboard so we went for it. We disassembled them all using the pry bar and some strokes from the hand hammer. After having a pile of individual pallet pieces we removed the splinters by gritting them with sandpaper this also provided the wood a shiny nature.

upcycled pallet headboard

We have also fixed the lights at both upper ends to have soft touch of lights at night. The behavior of this DIY pallet furniture piece is modernized but yet rustic which held much graceful.

repurposed pallet headboard

If you are too good in painting then you can make some art patterns and shapes on this blank wooden nature for more fantastic view. This entire DIY pallet plan is much thrifty and economical in budget and can lead to great services in home.

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