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DIY Very Simple Pallet Headboard Low Budget

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Now we are going to construct our DIY pallet headboard with totally different manner. First we made many pallet headboard and mount them on wall. Now it’s different regard to hanging. Now in this makeover we will construct headboard and will hang it through some standard hanging system. First and most important step is to prepare pallet after removing of nails, pass the wood through sanding process, and stain it carefully. Get you wood white washed with chalk and water to highlight the hidden ugly spots on wood and then repair them.

Sanding of wood can be done with orbital or palm sander, no matter which one you chose the results are almost equal. After sanding is done there would be a smooth flow of wood plane when we will touch it. You can also make use of sand paper which will be easily accessible if you are not having the tools.

step 1

We arrange the entire pallet on particle board in a pattern to be looked gorgeous behind our bed. Added some hooks or nails to be hanged on hanging system. Use some high power system for safety. Add glue in access for best possible support.

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 9

step 10

step 5

step 6

step 7

step 8

step 11

The whole arrangement behind the bed is further customizable. You can give it variations through different color shade you like. Add some picture frame in surrounding for more charms and beauty of bedroom. You can also add some pallet shelves and pallet racks to the whole setting if you have some discarded or leftover pallet wood.

recycled pallet headboard

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