Pallet Queen Size Headboard

There are some furnishing achievements which are to built to enhance the functionality and the beauty of another furniture pieces. And a headboard is one those items without which a headboard is undone with its gorgeousness as well as practicality. A bed without a headboard looks quite boring and dull so a headboard has become necessary to make a bed look accomplished in beauty and duty. And now without wasting much of your money on the indeed stylish and trendy market bought pallet headboards you can make one the same kind with pallets for free.

And to get you inspired by an amazing example we have here with us this DIY pallet queen size headboard which has been brought to life by stacking many pallet slats of customized size to each other. A strong boundary of the pallet beams have been provided to the headboard at the outer edge which would also serve as supporting legs.

pallet queen size headboard
A bed without headboard looks incomplete both in the beauty and duty aspects so here is a gorgeous pallet queen size headboard that you can make for your existing bed to elevate it in style and functionality.
diy pallet queen size headboard
The whole queen size headboard has been prepared form the small and long slat pieces which have been packed together in a random way using the nails and the wooden glue so that they firmly stick together and do not split up.
Wooden pallet queen size headboard
The legs of the headboard are strong pallet beams which cover the headboard and would make a stable and balanced standing of the headboard behind the bed to make a very rustic display in the bedroom.

Made by: Mario Reyes‎

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