How to Make a Strawberry Pallet Planter?

I have come across many DIY pallet projects and many of them managed to inspire me and intrigued me specially those which still had potential. I also decided to make DIY pallet project. I created a strawberry pallet planter and it was one of the very first project I did and now sharing with you all.

diy strawberry pallet planter

I have also taken the pictures that I am sharing along with the details for my DIY pallet project. The strawberry pallet planter box was a perfect easiest thing that I created. The strawberry plants need continuous watering and erosion control so planter was the best option for me.

I managed to get pallets from a nearby construction site and I didn’t pay much amount for this. I tried to go through some internet tutorials and then finally completed my project using my own ideas.

wooden pallet

You don’t need to have something like complicate tools but rather just a hammer and hand saw. It is much easier to have a jigsaw and few other extra tools.

I choose pallets which were in good condition and which were not chemically treated. You should look for diy pallet planter having six or nine planks.

cut wooden pallet

You have to slice pallets into three equal sized pieces. It is important that you will have to saw in the exact places on both the front and back of the pallet.

make a pallet planter

You have to make all the planks equal and will have to do little trimming. Excessive wood has to be trimmed so that the planter gets a proper shape and please refer to the images I have attached for your ease.

Now you will fix the two end pieces to the middle of the pallet.

pallet projects

diy pallet planter

You have separated the pallets into individual blocks and planks and in total you should have three to four pieces of pallets.

Now what I did was to use planks to create the sides and the blocks for the feet of the pallet planter. If your pallet size is different from the one I used you have to do the trimming little different from the mine. You should be able to adjust the planks accordingly. The small planks should be in line.


I attached the wooden blocks as feet and I had to drive very long screws to attach them to the bottom of the planter.

The project is almost complete and you just have to plant the strawberry plants planter in it. I also painted the planter so that exterior looks better.

pallet safety stamppallet safety tips.

How to Make Strawberry Planter from pallets wood?

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