DIY: How to Build A Pallet Chicken Coop

Pallet wood may provide you multiple solutions for a one individual need of home. The old and swank wood can also be mixed with pallet wood to have combined recycled pallet furniture objects. This time our favorite female chickens make us compelled to do this DIY pallet chicken coop project for their separate and secured residence. This time we have gone for a big and huge DIY pallet projects to provide a perfect and wide nesting place with wooden walls through pallet wood.

A wide air circulated area has been planed for here and there and sitting of the chickens and a private room has been made for egg-lying inside of it. Contact some respectful pallet dealers to provide you a big supply of pallet wood or collect it from accessible and reachable sources like from shipping companies, from road side and also from the near by construction area. Make sure about pallet wood whether it is chemically treated or not and have no harmful material on the surface.

recycled pallet chicken coop

First of all choose the wide space area at backyard or at outdoor of your house to go for this DIY pallet chicken coop project in honor of your sweet and cute chickens. Make the pallet looking well by washing and gritting it. Also remove the impurities, wooden cavities and knots.

reclaimed pallet chicken coop

The construction can go with any shape you like by keeping in mind this inspiration. Pallets slats have been removed and then stacked together to get this fine shape for hens. Lattice have been provided at all around to avoid escape of hens and for breeze and air circulation through out of the chicken house.

construction of pallet chicken coop

Some wood logs have been fixed at inside of the coop to provide natural randomness of sitting and playing for the hens. Little shreds and chunks of pallet wood has been patched up with nails to hold this wooden log or tree branches together at one fixed and tight place.

upcycled pallet chicken coop construction

To make the residence natural and likeable to the hens we have give it a through floor with sand and some plants for natural theme which would definitely be the most inviting factor to attract the that chic meat and egg suppliers, surely our hen.

repurposed pallet chicken coop

Wood logs prevail a natural impact so have  been made a part of this whole construction and framework and they are also very eye catching to the hens to play and sit on it. One big tree branch has also been fixed horizontally between the side walls of the hen house. Room has also been made perfect for air and light to come inside, by providing lattice at windows.

diy pallet chicken coop

Just pallets, which are often you can got without paying something big in budget, and sand like a loveable hen’s carpet will make this sophisticated and yielding delight for separate residential area for your chicken at the outdoor. Select the roof from metal or restored it too from pallet wood. You can make the whole home waxed and stained and also varnished to work for some stimulating and overwhelming impacts.

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