DIY Pallet Bird Feeder

Sometime you want to see your favorite garden birds like cardinals, finches and chickadees more closely . For this purpose the bird feeders can play a vital role to invite them to your garden or any cheerful outdoor space. To make your own bird feeder is not a very touch task to do, you can simply reclaim the scrap wood of home to build it at home. This DIY pallet bird feeder has also been constructed with pallet wood remains and crumbled pieces.

It looks much enjoyable with chevron top and also comes with a nice base that can be used to put the seeds. Just make this DIY pallet birdhouse and feeding platform hanged to your garden space or simply adjust on a pole fixed at your outdoor space. Fill it with bird food and seeds to attract your favorite songbirds to your garden space. This DIY pallet birdhouse will also improve your garden space and will make it more visually attractive and perky for sure!!!

making the chevron top of pallet bird feeder

By choosing some cut down sizes of pallet pieces the nice chevron top for bird feeder has been constructed first. Top has been raised in chevron style and has adhered by putting the glue in between the pallet lengths and boards.

Use some hardware system to hold the top tightly for some time till the glue gets dried and nicely settled down.

making the base of pallet bird feeder

Sand the wood for a charming wood tone and brightness and this will also be a useful step to get rid of wooden splinters. Now plan the bases using some more cut down pieces from pallets. Glue and nail them to get a fixed a nicely held shape of bird feeder base.

handmade pallet rustic bird feeder

Set the top on the constructed base and use some additional lengths to adjust the height of the top. Top can be adjusted to any height to fit the according sizes of your favorite garden birds.

recycled pallet garden bird feeder

After you finished this bird feeder, adjust it to any corner of your garden or select an outdoor pole to make it fixed to a certain height. Also make it hanged with chain and hook at its top to any support aloft in your garden or at home deck space.

upcycled pallet bird feeder

Vary its appearance using a single solid color and an appreciated combination of colors, you can also experiment with a likeable shade of stain to get the perfect wood tone you like.

Put some seeds or bird food inside like that of canola seeds, safflower seeds, sun flower seeds and also that of millet and Niger seeds and wait till your favorite kind of birds comes to have them.

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