DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

Chicken coop are of great significance for female chicken especially for egg-laying and nesting inside. People who love their chicken consider the worth of this hen house. If you are facing any type of trouble or hitch to get it for backyard of your home then make it re-purposed from thrifty pallet wood. Take a big pile of pallet boards and spend your holiday to have fun with the construction and framework which is just like hand over fist.

We have given it a noteworthy and remarkable design which is almost unbeatable in durability terms. This DIY pallet chicken coop is also a great protection to your chickens from predators and provides satisfactory solution for night sleep of the chicken. We have also made something else relating to inner cleanliness and sanitation of litters. Just copy the idea and practical resemblance to have a lovely hen house which is out of ordinary due to its attractive appearance and economical cost.

Pallet wood

The stripping of pallet or removing of nail to separate the planks from the pallet board may be a muscular one task in whole resting makeover steps, but patience and a suitable tool can stop the wasting of wood and time. These individual planks will be in construction like a unit, and will be arranged in according lengths after measurement.

DIY Chicken Coop

Dig up some space on the targeted area and make arrangements for a perfect standing structure by providing a firm and endured skeleton and base. Make your DIY pallet chicken coop a little bit elevated and off the ground to avoid the insect attacks on wood and also on chicken. Just collect every tiny material from home dump and scrap to be reused creatively in this chicken house this material can include the  windows and old doors and the old home knickknack accessories.

Pallet Chicken Coop

The roof is on a sharp angle and has a downward inclination. The white windows are from home discarded material and have been reused in this hen house for controlled weather conditions like heat, sunlight and air. The construction will take up to 2 days but the end will be a cool and gorgeous wooden house for cute chicken’s residence.

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