DIY Pallet Trestle Legs for Tables

Portable furniture is all a big need of short spaced home interiors as they are always easy to store even to narrower spaces after their use! Presenting here these DIY pallet trestles for those who just love the folding and portable furniture too much! These wooden trestles will be a big need if you just want some portable dining or desks in your home as they can beautifully hold the wooden tops for instant table surfaces! By varying the stretch between the bottom legs, one can vary also the height of the tabletops put over them!

Two hollow square like pallet frames come with their tops attached through hinges for each wooden trestle, and using 4 slats of pallets one can easily build those hollow square like frames! Finally the hinged tops of trestles have been gained flat by adding a single pallet lengths over each, this just makes them friendly to hold the tabletops over in a convenient way!

recycled pallet trestle legs

Wooden trestles made of individual pallet planks! Would be mind-blowing to hold any flat surface over for instant tables and just to gain some raised surfaces while intending to reach some higher levels!

reclaimed pallet trestle legs

Latest hardware systems have been installed that allow a limited stretch of legs only, so will avoid the injurious falls of table and desks!

handmade pallet trestle legs

Slats used for the construction have been sanded till the brighter wood appeal and have also been got splinter free in the same way!

repurposed wooden pallet trestle legs

The lower cross supports create extra stability to pallet trestles along with making the design a bit more fetching!

handmade wooden pallet trestle legs

A brilliant and just mind-boggling pallet projects, these trestles can be used in number of different ways in home!

Made by: Bruno Défente

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