Pallet Storage Chest

A cozy home get its all concerns at right and exact places and displays a mannered functionality. To have an adored home it demands for every thing to be stored well. To add a secured and rustic storage space in home we have crafted this DIY pallet storage chest which opens for a great storage space. We have got it from some readjustments of pallet wood using the appropriate tool in our working place.

First thing you need to do is the disassembling of pallets which we do in most of pallet furniture projects to have a pile of individual pallet pieces. Then we choose the dimensions of our targeted and fitted the pallet planks to get a box shape and then we gave it a hinged top. We have used some hardware to lock the top after storage which gives a impressive metal touch which held much precious to rustic nature of wood. This is really a gorgeous pallet chest for storage that can add an extra storage space to any living space of home.

recycled pallet storage chest

To craft a really cool style and version of DIY pallet trunk we gave it a throughout sanding through hand rubbing to dress it up with arresting shine on the wooden grains which is much defined and visible that every body can see it.

rustic pallet storage chest

We have given it a little bit bigger dimensions to fill some extra household items. You can store your blankets, clothes and also the kitchenware. This will also rock in storing the kids toys which we often see in scattered form in home and cause a lot of disturbance sometime.

handcrafted pallet storage chest

Top lock system can easily be got from the near one hardware store, if you prefer the rustic looks and appearance of it then use the vintage hinges from some old and broken up furniture of home.

Antique and rustic metal touch will make it prehistoric and mid century inspired which will be much coordinating pallet storage for shabby chic or farmhouse style of living.

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