Upcycled Pallet Bathroom Vanity

A vanity is the basic need of any bathroom and it is through vanity that you can make or mere the decor and look of your whole bathroom. You would be glad to know that the pallet wood can for really wonders in this regard too. Yes you heard me right you can make magical looking vanity units with our wonder wood pallet. To make you avail with a visual proof we have here with us this DIY pallet bathroom vanity that has been achieved from the recycling of the pallet wood.

A pallet box like structure has been prepared from the slatted pieces of pallets with three rays like pattern on the front. a ceramic basin has been supplied to the top to make this vanity an accomplished piece. This pallet vanity would bring many natural flairs and vibes in your bathroom zone with an added touch of rustic glam and elegance.

pallet bathroom vanity
Pallet wood is not limited to the living room, bedroom and outdoor furniture only you can explore it in many ways. Even the bathroom can be accessorized with some pallet items like we have built this pallet vanity unit.
Recycled pallet bathroom vanity
This pallet vanity is very easy and feasible to follow at home you just need some tools hammer, saw and some hardware like screws and nails to make it your possession. A pallet box like structure have been achieved wit pallet slats to make a rustic vanity unit.
diy pallet bathroom vanity
Fix a ceramic basin with taps on this pallet box and you are ready with a rustic and natural looking vanity unit for your bathing area. You can stain it in many shades and hues if you think that rusticity is not your cup of tea.
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