Wooden Pallet Dresser / Chest of Drawers!

While discussing about the secured storage options in home we do speak for the chest of drawers! Chest of drawers or a dresser is well known publically and has a prominent position in world of modern home furniture! It is used in a home in multiple ways, for individual storage options, one can set a mirror over it to dresser in front of it and it can also be used as vanity! Here we are to share this DIY pallet chest of drawers, comes with 4 rows of drawers providing the user an ample space for storage!

Drawers are touch-to-open and are made of plywood sheets, hardware handles have been used to pull the drawers out safely! Store you socks, underwear, panties and whatever you like to put in side! One can also use it in his workshop for tool storage and can tag names at front of inside saved items or tools even the hardware! Sides and top comes in chevron style and look very overwhelming and enticing!

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wooden pallet dresser and chest of drawers
This project really need precision and extra care as you have to fit 8 drawers which may be a big challenge, but if you go with precise measurements and dimensions you can really get it better for sure! Deconstruct some of pallet boards and get as much wood as you need for this project!
recycled pallet dresser and chest of drawers
Sides and top has been built in chevron to boggle the mind of onlookers and to provide focal stimulation to whole of the design! Build the drawers with plywood sheet and use the drawer pulls for safe pulling and pushing of drawers! Different wood tones beautify the design more and make it more captivating to eyes! Finish it with stain and a few clear coats to provide extra luster and shine to wood grains!

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