Wooden Pallets Made Chest

There are a lot of things available to let you store and organize your things in an on them like console tables, shelves and cabinets. But these items are best for the storage light weight and small things which are less in number. So what to use for the heavier and more in number things at home like books, toys, tools, winter stuff and blankets etc?

We have a very functional and smart solution to this problem for you and to witness just have a look at this wooden pallet chest. The chests are the best used items from a very earlier age for a safe hide of weapons and treasure. But now they are used for common storage purpose and this chest has been nicely built from the recycled pallets for a cost free possession. The chest has foldable lids at left and right hinged in the middle making your stored things safe in it. And its rustic attire would add a traditional touch to your home decor too.

pallet chest
Pallet chest are the best and the apt items to be used for the storage of the heavier and the huge in number items like books, blankets, coats, toys and tools and with pallets such a functional chest can be made at home and that too at no cost at all.
pallet chest
Pallet slat pieces have been used to form the four walls of the chest and a wooden board forms the base. The lid of the chest divides into two with hinges in the middle and can be folded from any side to open and close it while using.

Made by: William Myers

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