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Pallet Coat Rack

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Recycling of pallet wood not only provides all furniture desires and luxuries but also suitable to get rid of storage of old wood in home to give room to new things and articles in home. We have a project of DIY pallet coat rack which is based on same above discussed idea of recycling with pallet wood. You will be able to have the desired and hanged setting of your clothes after work, if you have mood to do some decorative and intellectual for your home.

We are learning something new every day on working with pallet wood to make our home layout and environment trimmed and organized with tremendous ideas and models of storing things. Same job of reducing home accessories to one place is done by this DIY pallet coat rack. You will be seeing pallet coat rack mounted on your wall in half an hour if you have some supply of pallet wood and some hooks for hanging coats and other immediate accessories. Cut the pallet wood according to the tutorial guidelines, take measurements first of your desired area for pallet coat rack.

Shelf with Coat Hanger Knobs

DIY Wooden Coat Rack

Pallet Rack Hooks

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