5 DIY Pallet Shelves and Rack ideas

People are getting hands onto the pallet wood to get outdoor and indoor wooden furnishings. In these furnishings there lies a big variety of DIY pallet furniture, garden wooden accents, DIY pallet wall art and much more for aesthetic home looks. We have here done a DIY pallet project to accent the home walls with perfect looks of DIY pallet shelves and racks by giving the pallet wood a creative move and restoration.

Shelves provide a great minimal and packed area to store things with a pleasing and absorbing display too. We have discussed here very charming rustic DIY pallet shelves ideas to get handsome and fetching wall looks by giving different accessories to each shelf. All the these crazy rustic shelves stand well to hold the murals and picture frames in artistic way. Make a copy of all or which you like the most at home for charming rustic character to home walls.

recyled pallet shelf

If you are a lover of traditional wood looks then this rustic behavior of shelf will satisfy your thirst for vintage looks greatly. Wood to this shelf layout has been left blank in natural light wood shade which we love all. Use angled iron brackets for hangings purposes.

reclaimed pallet picture shelf

Here is another great way to use the weathered and worn wood again. With a few creative hand twists we regained this admired and gracious wall art to display the past pictures of sweet events through this antique wooden wall accent. It would be much amusing in cottage style.

upcycled pallet shelves

Cut a pallet skid from the corner leaving one plank attached and  enjoy this rustic pair of shelves for picture frame holding and display. You can replace the pictures with books to get a vintage themed DIY pallet bookcase out of each.

diy pallet rack

Get assembled some the odds and ends of the crumbled wood and it will come with this nice DIY pallet rack to hang up the jewelry items.  Here we have play a charming trick to get a arresting photo montage by using the ordinary cloth clips to hold up the picture in random manner.

handcrafted rustic pallet picture shelf

Here is another motive to get displayed your past and memorial pictures in rustic frame of reference. Wooden cavities, knots, nail holes are still there and are all responsible for weathered distressed looking of this picture shelf. Any of given 5 rustic pallet shelves and rack inspirations can be duplicated within less than 30 minutes and the earned piece of pallet would be great compliment to home walls.

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