Pallet Ladder Shelf for Planters

There is always a space for the new and ingenious type of furniture piece in your home whenever you decide to opt for some common and repetitive furniture pieces. All you need to do is just think beyond the obvious and you would surely get some innovative and useful idea for the furnishing and decor of your house and pallets can really help you in this respect. Like this DIY pallet ladder shelf for planters can be a stunning and fashionable replacement to the old and traditional styles wall mounted or free standing shelves and that too at cheap rates.

Planters with gorgeous flowers and amazing pots really add an aesthetic touch to the interiors of the house with a touch of freshness and lively colors. And their display on this amazing ladder shelf would add four moons to the beauty of your decor for sure. The icing on the cake is that the possession of this ladder shelf involves only simple techniques and basic tools on the pallet cut out slats to get installed easily at home.

diy pallet ladder shelf
The ladders are found in all houses but their new avatar has been introduced here in this pallet ladder shelf design on which you can display your gorgeous flower planters to make a beauty spot in the house.
wooden pallet ladder shelf
The gorgeous and uniquely styled pallet ladder shelf would make a very gorgeous and decor oriented spot in your house at any section or part of the house like the entrance, outside the door, in hall or in the living too.
Recycled pallet ladder shelf
The ladder shelf reveals A shape design and shape and it would be easily like a child’s work to install this using the customized cut pallet slats of long and short size long for the ladder lengths and short for the steps.
pallet ladder shelf
The middle shelves onto which the flower and plant pots would dispalyed and hold are made from the tight packaging of the pallet slats three to four in number and then has been inserted between the ladder lengths and supported on the ladder steps.
Reclaimed pallet ladder shelf
It looks really rustic and full of natural woody appeal in its unfinished look and that is why it has been kept like that but if you want to make it look different you can choose to stain it with some striking paint hues.

Made by: El estilo palets py

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