Reclaimed Pallet Shelf and Coat Rack

Puzzling over to make your home wall functional? Are you really trying to do something amazing with pallets? This DIY pallet coat rack and shelf design is just to try out at home and is the easiest yet coolest way to make you home walls functional on a budget! This appreciated design of DIY pallet shelf is damn simple to install and comes with curved edges to look more beautiful! Two separated pallet boards with unequal width sizes, have been integrated to give this amazing free style of shelf that will really rock at your entryway or hallway!

Both lengths have been installed in “L” shape and nails have used to hold the boards in place. After providing the underside curved supports at both sides, the hanging hooks have been fixed up at lower panel of this shelf to provide cool hanging places for bundle of your things! Inscribe the name letters, make it painted or stained and even make it scorched for a unique and charming look for your most personal wall area! This DIY pallet rack is just amazing to hold your keys, coats, handbags and even some jewelry pieces.

recycled pallet shelf and coat rack

upcycled pallet shelf and coat rack

repurposed pallet coat rack and shelf

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