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DIY Pallet Coffee Table Tutorial

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We are again with makeover of DIY pallet coffee table, this time we will go wild and random to have more coziness and fashion. Every step of makeover has details and discussion with image impacts to give you full head to tail guidance and leading line. The all major operations are done again on which we have laid stress already in previous tutorials. These primary operations are removing of nail, reconditioning of pallet wood through sanding and staining. After all these there would be tremendous glow on wood grains and a smooth flow of wood will come into touch. To make our DIY pallet coffee table which is a real worth living room be ready with your tools.

These would be the following;

  • The pallet board (one big and clean board will be sufficient)
  • Hand saw
  • Sander tool or sand paper ( of medium grit)
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Casters
  • Glue
  • Nails and nailgun or claw hammer

collect pallets

First of all cut the main pallet board into halves to have upper and lower floors of our DIY pallet coffee table. This can easily be done with easy grip hand saw with a little effort.

cut pallets

The cutting pieces should be unequal in size, the lower would be a little bit small for sublime and cozy shape of targeted structure.

join pallets

Remove the one side planks as given, be careful and avoid breakage while doing this task. If you will do it with some standard tool the results would be better.

pallet caster

Select the caster or wheels to be attached for easy way mobility and movement of pallet coffee table in any direction in home.

pallet table

Sand and stain the whole ground structure and get it white washed with chalk and water mix together. This will increase smoothness even more.

pallet coffee table with wheels

Flip it over and add the casters by screw attachment with some screwdriver. And enjoy the effortless movement in home.

diy pallet coffee table

You are done now to have this enjoyable delight of furniture.

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

We have left it blank in pure wood form because we love rustic theme, you can make addition of colors and designs of painting to it with some spray colors.

allet Coffee Table

Arrange the accessories to it and enjoy the smashing and lovely DIY pallet coffee table with cozy storage of reading books and news papers under it.

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