Euro Pallet Wood Coffee Table

Pallet wood’s primary function is to serve a packaging material in the shipping of goods. Some times stamped and heat treated pallets are used for the purpose which saves the packaged goods from the wood fungi and insects when they are being transported one location to another. These heat treated pallet wood is more compatible and stable to be used as the furnishing achiever. Today we are going to share with you a very rustic piece of coffee table that has been attained from the heat treated pallets.

This is DIY wood pallet coffee table, which have been recycled from the shipping pallet wood, which is thrown away like uselessly after being served in packaging. These pallet skids have been dismantled and trimmed into pallet slats and dice section pieces to pursue the further process. Next these slats have been stacked and combined with dice section to form the table shelf. Tow such table shelves have been piled over each other to gain this gorgeous yet utterly functional coffee table for your living.

diy pallet coffee table
Coffee tables are the basic need of every house and they can be achieved from pallet wood with your own imaginative patterns and designs like we have achieve this rustic coffee table piece.
rustic pallet coffee table
Pallet wood is often treated with heat so that it does get filthy and spoiled with insects and the fungi. these heat treated pallet wood has been used to make this coffee table as they are more strong, stable and would long more last with you.
Recycled pallet coffee table
This pallet coffee table have achieved from the double stacking of pallet shelves over each the result is you get maximum and double space to hold your snacks, drinks and other knick knacks as well to give a very organized look to your living.
Repurposed pallet coffee table
The table looks very rustic and traditional in its appeal because of the staining tricks. The pallet top of the coffee table has been stained in black shade for a very spicy look while the remaining structure has been kept unfinished which makes it looks still natural.

Made by: Kreative Paletten

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