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How to Make Pallet Wood Patio Table

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Pallet art is really a unique aspect of art that provides you an opportunity to get amazing furniture almost free of cost. It also provides you the chance to express your creative skills. You can create different object for your surrounding as per your imagination. Outdoor area of your home often demands some strong and inexpensive furniture as is open to all damaging agents. Pallet patio table is an excellent option for your home patio area as it is stylish, inexpensive and easy to move. For making a stylish pallet table a bit of creativity and skill is sufficient. Following steps will be quite helpful for you.

How to Make Pallet Wood Patio Table


For having a trendy pallet table you need wooden pallets that have self design patterns and preferably have different color shades. Glue, nails and bolts, paint and varnish etc. for making and fine finish of table. Basic tools for construction such as hammer, sand paper, saw, screw drivers and drill machine etc. are also required.

How to Make Pallet Wood Patio Table

Course Of Action:

  • Collect the necessary materials in your work area. Draw blueprint of your basic table design. Also specify the dimension wise measurements in blueprint.
  • Make the size of pallet according to your specified size, cut their edges obliquely and smooth-en their surfaces with sand paper.
  • Join pallets with help of glue and nails keeping oblique edges equal and smooth. Create Pallet patio table top in two halves and join them to make a “V” shape design using wood patterns.
  • Add a border to the top in light colored wood using glue and nails.
  • Join legs in corners and provide a wooden pallet safety belt to strengthen it.
  • Apply multiple coats of varnish to enhance the wood patterns and safety against weathering elements. You may apply paint on legs and sides of table to enhance its looks.

How to Make Pallet Wood Patio Table

Project is done, if you have any question comment us, and if you like it share it for others.

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