Pallet Safety Tips – Pallet is Safe to Reuse

Pallet Wooden structures are mostly used in shipping industry and recycled to make unique home furniture. Being top choice of those people who want both safe and economical solutions, the pallets can be turned into amazing household items from shelves, cabinets to living furniture. The use of reclaimed pallet has become an industry now and people are dealing it as a business and earning revenues from recycled products. Therefore pallet safety becomes a matter of keen importance for all of us ensuring safe and healthy use of pallets in our houses.

Pallet Safety Tips

Which Pallets Are Safe?

The basic knowledge of sanitizing the pallets before use is rare but easy to learn. The pallets are normally treated with fungicides, insecticide and chemical solutions thus preventing them from heath threats. Not only the pallets you are using in making beds and sofas should be safe, you must also take care of your own pallet safety while using them.

Heat Treated Pallets:

HT pallets meaning the heat treated pallets are best considered for household purpose. They don’t cause any harm to you or your child’s health. These pallets have been heated to a minimum core temperature for better pest control.

Methyl Bromide Treated Pallets:

MB pallets are basically methyl bromide fumigation treated pallets. These are rare and not commonly used.

Canadian Pallets:

Canadian pallets are the safest as they are being heat treated. High temperature not only kills the insects lying within pallets but also acts against the bacterial and fungal growth.

The best way to find a safe pallet for your project is to look for the one which has the stamp of prior treated method. The required Pallet safety demands for IPPC logo that means the pallet has been heat treated or fumigated with Methyl Bromide. You can check the logo and if the pallet has the logo that means it is completely safe to use them for your own project.

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