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DIY Pallet Hexagonal Table with Benches

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Look at this amazing collaborations and hexagonal association of pallet to serve as a conference table and also for great eating purposes for friends and family. A very unique and fame wining idea for sublime and royal sitting outcomes and plans may be at outdoor or indoor. We have achieved this supervision and intellectual recycling mixture in very perfect and precised hexagonal shape.

The arrangement of this DIY pallet collaboration table with benches gives 12 seated sitting and serving plans at the same time. You can go further for a tremendous combination of two hexagonal tables too for 20 seated outdoor DIY pallet hexagonal table patterns. The sharp and thick wood shine tells that it has been gone through a well sanding and staining process, which you can easily do with hands by using sand paper or electrical sander. Just get the smashing inspiration for same way sitting plan at very backyard or in garden of your home.

recycled pallet hexagonal table

reclaimed pallet hexagonal association

diy pallet concert table

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