DIY Pallet Toy Storage Box

We get lots of toys for our kids and they play with them and then escape from home by leaving that toy in any corner of the home. So every home having kids is always needed a caring setup for better way storage of kid’s toys. Here we have shaped up a pretty rustic DIY pallet toy box out of pallet wood reclaiming and have raised it up on wheels for stunning and much handy movement of it.

Just readjust the pallets after making them torn apart into separated pallet pieces and have this really cool pallet box for storage utility. You can enlarge the dimensions of this pallet furniture according to desired storage space for plenty of toys to be stored without any trouble at one time. This one of simplest pallet storage box will play a very serviceable role for steady flow of routines and is much honest and dutiful in its behavior.

reclaimed pallet toy storage box

Pallet wood after separation into individual pallet pieces has been passed through hand gritting using the sandpaper so that there is shine on the wooden grains which provides back the lost beauty of wooden nature.

recycled pallet toy storage box

If you are using an orbital or palm sander for sanding purposes then it would provide you better results in very short time period. We were just full satisfied with this natural light wooden appearance so we left it blanks without any paint or stain coating.

diy pallet toy storage box

After loading the toys in the wooden box it may have a lot of weight so you will find it tough to drag it, so we have added the 4 metallic casters to the bottom corners of the box for really controllable and easy mobility of it.

If this sophisticated pallet projects has really arrested your mind then you can easily duplicate it with a very short supply of pallet wood or any other wood lying in the home scrap.

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