DIY Rustic Pallet Bookshelf / Bookcase

Go handmade with pallets to lower down your furniture expenditures and use the saved money for diverse different purposes! Collect some pallets and build this DIY rustic pallet bookshelf, which is our today’s sharing! There are number of shelving levels inside to put all your favorite books inside to avoid them from signs of wear and tear! It has been built wholly with pallets and comes with an arresting rustic wood tone! One can also use it as a storage unit in any of his room to store the relevant clutter!

Given it a modern chic, rustic or distressed finish for a unique look and also stain it if your want the wood to live last! This amazing bookshelf can be decorated more with countless possibilities and you can make various changes to it using your genius brain! It will work great in kids study rooms, living rooms and also in your offices to store office files and other interesting books!

recycled pallet bookshelf
Here is another brilliant way to bring the pallets in functional conditions! Built a bookshelf out of them which is pretty easy to do if you dismantle the pallet first! Separated apart pallet boards have been integrated to give all the shelving levels, sides, head and foot section of this subtle storage unit!
wooden pallet bookshelf
Grit the wood until the brighter tone of wood comes out, use sandpaper or electrical sanders to grit and sand the wood finely! Sanding not removed the splinters but it also makes the wood friendly to additional paint or stain layers!
repurposed pallet bookshelf
The construction is highly simple and super quick, install the removed pallet slats and build a rustic box out of it with xl dimensions, fix the wooden dividers inside to create different storage sections and dividers would work as shelves!
reclaimed pallet bookshelf
This bookshelf can be used anywhere where there is a pile of scattered books! It is just perfect to place in a living room, study room or in a modern chic office, paint and stain can really change its hue to any which you like for your office and home!
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