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DIY Pallet Desk with Drawers

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Furniture is the basic necessity of life and every person wants their life luxurious and comfort. When you want to decorate your home with different and unique design, pallet will give elegant looks to your home. Pallet furniture set are great for DIY because they are very cheap and easy to work with. The best thing in pallets furniture is its lightweight and dry product so there is no stain to worry about it. DIY Pallet Desk is also one of best project in pallet furniture sets. There are various advantages of DIY Pallet Desk to be used for home, office, and class room and computer lab.

DIY Pallet Desk

Repurposing of pallets into different kinds of furniture set has become a common trend. Pallet desks are used for different purposes and these pallets are easily available in market place. Everyone can easily purchase these pallets on very cheaper rate. Making a pallet desk is very creative idea’s by using old wooden pallets which will save the cost as well. For example on DIY Desk place your computer, Decorate your TV set, Pallet coffee tables and so on.

DIY Pallet Desk

Pallet Desk Instructions:

Dimension of Pallet desk:

An ideal size for any pallet desk is 47” wide, 17” deep, 32” tall. Pallet board on the long side of desk measure 47” wide, and the shorter side measure 11” wide.

DIY Pallet Desk

Techniques to Make:

With a little help from hardware shops or any workplace, you can buy pallets for making pallet desk for your home entrance as well as your office. Your work and idea basically depends on your own creativity of taste, style, and colors. Your ideas and techniques can convert your pallets into different and unique design of more than twenty furniture sets.

DIY Pallet Desk

Tools for Small Wooden Desk with Drawers:

  1. Glue for joints the pallet.
  2. Paint and brush.
  3. Drill machine for screws.
  4. Screws of suitable sizes.
  5. Saw

DIY Pallet DeskIdea sent by Spyros Tsangarakis

Drawers for Desk Made Out of Pallets:

Every pallet maker recommends two or three drawers for Pallet desk. These drawers have two normal units like top drawer for books and official files. The bottom drawer is used for decoration piece. There are lots of variations in drawers and during making pallet desk drawer you can set up your image.

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