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DIY Tutorials: 5 Easy Steps to Make a Pallet Bed

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Pallet furniture is ever cost and time saving as materials required is inexpensive and it does not need any extra work skills and also saves you from searching any skilled person for your assistance. Pallet bed is one of such items which you can prepare efficiently. A variety of design ideas is available along with your own creative options. You may design a pallet bed according to your need and available space for its usability. There may be some variations in design as per its use. If you are making a bed for kids’ room you may add some drawers in the basement of bed for holding their toys and other things that will help you to maintain tidiness also. You can follow a systematic method to create a beautiful, unique and inexpensive multipurpose bed.

Pallet Bed Frame Steps by Steps Instructions:

Make a Pallet Bed

Step 1

First of all collect necessary materials and tools for work. You need pallets of equal size about 4, 5” width, glue, nails, screws and bolts, hemmer and drill machine etc. Define your work area and also provide some measurement tools.

Make a Pallet Bed

Step 2

First of all make all pallets of same lengths according to your bed size. On both sides make holes with drill machine according to the bolt and screws sizes. Use four or five comparatively thick pallets about 2” wide and long according to the bed width as base to create pallet boards. On both sides of these pallets join long pallets on this basement using screws and drill. Use appropriate amount of screws for the strength of pallet bed.

Make a Pallet Bed

Step 3

Next step is addition of legs to the bed but I prefer the use of wheels as it makes the movement easy. Use strong heavy duty furniture wheels at four corners of pallet board. Fix them with help of bolts. Measurement will help you fix them at equal levels. Now after fixing the wheels at base pallet bed is almost ready.

Make a Pallet Bed

Step 4

At finishing step apply 2 or 3 coats of paint or varnish to make the bed platform safe against humidity or any other weather effects and let it dry. It will also keep it safe against termite attacks. Along with safety paint enhances the beauty of furniture.

Make a Pallet Bed

Step 5

At the last stage equip your bed with comfortable mattress and cover it with beautiful sheet. You may use different styles in mattress covers according to your choice and taste. Now your pallet bed is ready to use and easy mobile. You can change the location very easily.

DIY Pallet Bed

Tips for use and maintenance:

Pallet bed can be used in variety of ways indoor as well as outdoor. You may arrange them in living room for sitting and relaxing. It can be used as additional bed in guestroom or kids’ bedroom for the guests. In outdoor gatherings and parties these can be used for relax sitting arrangements. You may turn them into swinging beds by adding hooks on the four corners for hanging through chains with a strong tree log or iron stand.

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