DIY Pallet and Cable Drum Benches

We want change in every aspect of life, this is nature of man. Even we become bored with routine living style and furnishings, no matter where you have planned them in home interior or at backyard or garden of your home. If you are also suffering this bad condition and have tired and bored with the old style DIY pallet furniture, then give space this new way furniture sensation in your home. The all inspiring models of DIY pallet and cable drum benches have yummy and delicious sitting and also very thrifty in budget terms.

We believe in endured and quality material generated with hands. The round shapes of cable rolls and drums can create plenty of funs in effective and valid ways to run down the home furniture theme. Give a adorable festooning and embroidery to the inactive and exhausted home furniture by doing some fun crafts with pallet wood and old and empty wire rolls. You can make DIY cable drum chair and DIY tables out of them for home garnishing and embellishment regarding to furniture.

recycled pallet cable reel bench

This wooden bench is through refined pallets which were in time-worn mode and cannot do much appreciated without reconditioning and recovering process to be done to make them refresh and healthy. The table is looking shabby chic and will have great interaction with cottage or country yard styled alliance and theme.

upcycled pallet and cable drum bench

The red brick stain to this DIY pallet bench inspiration makes it hot and appealing. The design is just stupendous to let your mouth be watered. The roundness of cable reel wheels has been discarded to make it stand alone with some sharp and straight cut through wooden saw. This pallet bench is the real representative of formative and genius creativity which earn a cozy style too along with desired need of sitting.

diy pallet and cable reel garden bench

Don’t stop here is something more appetizing to sit charmingly in your garden. Just make a review on creativity of this pallet and cable drum bench and get the amazing stream of well behaving furniture. The fine cuts have been made to make the rolling legs like two moons; inner seating area has been shaped by fine arrangement of pallet planks to make a comfortable berth and back.

recycled pallet and cable drum patio salon

Last but not the least is the overcoming white pallet bench mixed up with cable reel. A sloped styled table and two DIY chairs have been recovered to spruce up the sitting and also to tone up the patio sitting. White can vary to any color you want to be captivating and eye-opening.

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