Pallet Dog Bed

It was along time to search for a high valued comfort for our pet. We were just on the way to home after a shopping hour from the market when a rustic pallet skid came to us on the road side. This one pallet skid we found was looking much healthy and make us get what we want. After analyzing it in a creative perspective of thinking we recovered a DIY pallet dog bed out of it with some easy but yielding hand twists.

We have actually made a pallet box or crate out of pallet wood having a little bit depth. This depth will provide the grip to the cushion or mattress on it and will resist its falling off. The first thing you need is the pallet wood, so go for a visit of home outdoor, backyard and all around the neighborhood to look for pallets to give an initiative to this DIY pallet dog bed project.

diy pallet dog bed

Most of DIY pallet projects and tutorial involves the stripping and then refitting of the separated up pallets to mold them into desired nature and type of pallet furniture plans which is always on a budget and come in handy without any major hitch or trouble while going through the construction at home.

upcycled pallet dog bed

Make a tray or crate like icon through the stripped up planks and lengths of the pallet by giving them cuts according to targeted size dimensions. The name tag or name letters will be an amazing addition at the front face of it to get it specified and exclusive for your dog.

recycled pallet dog bed

Fill the depth of the dog bed with serene and comfortable cushion which matters a lot for your dog in providing the relief and recreation. You can also make use of vinyl letters for name tag of your dog which looks great to show the ownership of your dog.

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