DIY Pallet Wall Paneling Design

Walls of the house play an important role to make the home interiors look impressive and fab. That is why they are painted well and provided with lots of wall art pieces so that they can contribute a huge style value to the whole home decors. Apart from the paint work and wall embellishing there is an other to beautify the walls of the house and they would surely add an accent touch to your spaces.

And that magic trick is the wooden wall paneling which can be now done at cost free rates using your very own pallets and to you some samples we have these gorgeous DIY pallet wall paneling design with us. Cutting the pallets into custom size slat pieces you can fill up any wall of the house like the living and lounge and mounting your TV and A.c proudly on these walls. Such a natual rustic flair and beauty can also be added to the offices and industrial places especially in the conference rooms so that everybody is impressed by the warmth of the walls.

pallet wall paneling

The walls of the house can also be made to look gorgeous and stylish to the cor with a simple pallet paneling in any section of the house like this living or lounge room media wall has been accentuated with pallets being paneled all over.

diy pallet wall paneling

The pallet wall paneling is not only for house interiors to jazz up the walls but it can be equally designed on the office walls like the back wall of the conference room and thus making an impressive look to catch an eye of every visitor.

handmade pallet wall paneling

The wall paneling is really easy to do with the pallets only the sawed piece of the pallets have to be stacked to each other statring from the bottom and taking the paneling to the whole wall and it can be done on any wall of the house.

Made by Kayu Pallet

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