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DIY Wooden Pallet Shoe Rack Plan

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We mostly don’t care about a well set storage of our shoes, when we come home tired from job or school we kick our shoes under bed or any side of the room and get relaxed. After some day there would be a shoes pile or mountain. So to have a secured and trimmed setting of our shoes you should organize them in some stand or shelf. That’s why we have made this DIY pallet shoe rack for better and chic shoes arrangement and setting. We have got it pure handmade at home through recycling and up-cycling of redeemed and salvaged pallet. We have customized it in dimensions; 24” inches width-wise and 36” inches in length wise.

recycled pallet shoes rack

First of all using techniques we should accomplished with a one pallet stock. Then the primary wood recondition processes come, like hand sanding, varnishing and staining. We have gone through all these major wood operations by sand paper and paint brush tool. It would take a less than an hour of your spare time.

reclaimed pallet shoes rack

Then we got it mounted on the wall with some large sized screws which have also been used for inner pallet attachment and assembly of pallet planks. You can vary its color shades and some animal patterns to it with desired taste. The cartooned theme surrounding make it kid’s special in nature and kind but you can go with other smarter specifications to DIY pallet shoe rack.

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