DIY Pallet Sofa / Daybed

There are sofa beds present in almost all the houses to enjoy day naps or to cope with the emergency situations when the guests are at home and your beds are occupied by them. Instead of buying some leather sofa beds from the market with hefty price tags you can make one at low cost using the pallets. Just like we have achieved this DIY pallet sofa / daybed from the recycling pallets at home so that you have a comfortable spot to sleep when needed.

The good thing about this pallet sofa bed is that it is completely an easy and feasible project to do at home. All you need to do is just build a simple sofa structure and then add some more pallet skids to it forming the beds frame. Provide it a comfy mattress and then enjoy cozy sleep hours at day or night. And coming on wheels it makes a very stylish and beauty display in your living.

diy pallet sofa bed
We all know that the sofa beds are look alike of the simple seating sofa with a little change in the structure and that we have more wide seat in the sofa bed than in the seating sofa to enjoy some cozy sleep hours lying on it and can be achieved by adding some skids to the L shape sofa.
Recycled pallet sofa bed
Or you can add the pallet skids to the whole sofa to get a big seating and sleeping item for your living room and the skids have been set on wheels so that you can remove or join them to the sofa bed structure easily.
Wooden pallet sofa bed
Here is the look of the diy sofa bed when it would e placed and settled in a living room with a coffee table in the center thus offering you have a comfortable ans stylish seat on it and also enjoy some sleep when needed.
pallet sofa bed
The is more accurate and more clear picture of the sofa bed with broad and spacious seat on which you can sleep when you are tired and want some day nap or when there are guests and you are left with no space to have sleep on.

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