Pallet Crate Coffee Table

Crates are damn easy to be found in everybody’s home! There are mostly used to pack the fruits and drinks you consume daily! If you are having some sturdy wooden crates at home such as apple crates, then we have here some creative details to share with you that can turn a pair of crates into a mesmerizing coffee table layout that will hold much of your attentions and we are completely sure about it! You are only required to go for a creative assemblage of 3 wooden crates to build this wood pallet crate coffee table having tremendous white shade!

Join two complete crates in such a way that their bottom can only touch other half, now cut one more crate into halves and use each half on each side to build a complete square shape and you are done, is not it a fantastic scheme for no-cost coffee table? Use pocket for storage of your favorite items and living room conveniences and do paint it to stay with you longer and to get an amazing enchanting look as well!

upcycled wooden pallet crate coffee table
enjoy the rustic natural wooden look, white appearance will blend amazingly to your modern chic and shabby chic living room!
reclaimed pallet crate coffee table
you can seek for various other functions of old crates but this table is sure to rock!
rustic yet modern pallet crate coffee table
3 wooden crates have creatively been intermingled to shape up this cool table design!
recycled pallet crate coffee table
let your apple or other wooden crates serve you more which you have destined to throw into dumpsters!

Submitted By: Yoann Moulart

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