Cozy Pallet Bed with Side Tables

Meet your expensive furniture needs through recycling of pallets! Today we are going to reveal some certain facts about creative DIY furniture building that will blow you mind! Count the features of this DIY pallet bed, built to satisfy the modern needs and demands and comes with highly sturdy frame and dimensions! Here the inside of the bed or ribs of the bed done with market bought materials and rest of entire bed frame has been completed with pallet wood!

Removed dice sections from heat-treated EPAL pallets, have been stacked for thicker and sturdy boundaries of the bed while nightstands have been built separately! Each nightstand is made of 2 pallets arranged in bunk style, use miniature pallet skids while building nightstand or simple trim down the bigger pallet boards to gain the required sizes!

pallet bed

Finally you can change the visual of the bed using paint and custom stain coats and can also comfy it up with a foamy mattress!

reclaimed wooden pallet bed

Here mini pallet boards have only been placed on one another to install the nightstands in sides of bed, here opening in top pallets has been filled with a drawer also!

upcycled wooden pallet bed with installed nightstands

EPAL or EURO pallets are heat treated always and healthy looking too, so choosing them for this bed project will be recommended!

reclaimed wooden pallet bed with nightstands

Here is a way to bypass the luxury beds, use pallets to install featured bed frames like this, checkout more on our site about building low-cost. stylish and ever beautiful pallet bed frame out of 100% pallets!

Made by: S.L.-Loftart

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