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How To Build A Lamp From Pallets

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You can make a DIY pallet lamp using recycled wooden pallet. The pallet work that I am going to share with you is very much creative and you not to create a pattern to innovate designs in pallet lamp. You can make beautiful ad creative items using pallet wood which is cheap and also easily available.

diy pallet lamp

To complete this DIY pallet project you need to have wooden pallets that are cleaned, have to remove al l the nails, deconstruct the pallets and obtain the pallet planks and boards and lastly sand the pallet boards. This all needs to be done carefully as this could be little damaging. You can also visit the website link to see how to deconstruct the pallets.

recycled wooden lamps

The basic structure of the lamp is being constructed using the pallet wood. I have cut the pallet boards in a special way to make a creative design. I did that with the help of my friend who is expert in wood cutting and own a big furniture shop.

nice pallet furniture

After making the basic wooden structure you can install the appropriate electric cable that has to pass through the whole basic wooden structure that you have created. Moreover, you can see that I have installed a beautiful colored glass lamp on the basic wooden structure.

diy lamp made from pallet

All the wires of the lamp will pass through the wooden structure made using pallet wood so wires will not be visible and if some part of the wire is still visible you can make a double wooden structure to hide it.

Finally you will have a very unique pallet wooden lamp.

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