DIY Wood Pallet Photo Frames Tutorial

Pictures are make us connected to the past and are a great way to secure the past memories. To make our picture more secure we have tried to mount them on a wooden frame by doing this DIY pallet project which is much thrifty and economical. We have made the DIY pallet photo frames using the mod podge technique to transfer them on the wooden frames. Such a picture will make the beautiful DIY pallet wall art and will also create a great rustic environment on any blank wall area.

This technique is a great way to get really antique and classical looks of past picture. The method is just simple and we will use only the mod podge to complete this makeover of photo transfer. Do give a try to this DIY pallet idea and make great wall impressions. Enjoy this totally a new way to display pictures in really arresting mode.

recycled pallet photo frames

This will really make your picture look like they have originally be made on the wood as we are going to remove the paper medium from the picture using the mod podge.

making the board out of pallets

After getting all your tools and working place ready now its time to get to work. First you need to have a plan piece of pallet wood. For this purpose join some equally thick pallet pieces in a squared board shape and make the edges and surface smooth through sanding process.

making the back support of the frame

To get the slats tightly held in a bard for we also applied the back support to our board using comparatively thin lengths of pallet wood. These support will also facilitate the hanging of the pictures on the wall.

adding the mod podge on the picture

layer the mod podge on the photo to get it covered with it. Just press the tube and make spread it all over the picture, don’t worry excess of mod podge will be appreciated.

covering the picture with mod podge

Now hold a paint brush in your palm and cover the whole photo part with this applied medium. Do this step using the soft strokes of the paint brush so that the picture portion of the photo may stay safe.

adding the photo on the pallet frame

Now apply the picture paper on you wooden surface which you have created recently. Now left it about for a day or 20 hours to be dried well and then you will the do the next steps to make it completed.

removing the dried mod podge

Now use a piece of foam or towel and make it wet. Keep the wet towel on the picture for about 5 minutes and then softly rubbed it on the picture round and round until the paper gets started to be peeling off from the picture. Don’t rub it hard to keep safe the picture portion.

diy pallet photo mod podge transfer picture frame

To give you picture a more rugged look use a sanding block to make the portion more rubbed which comes on the joints of the wooden slats. After getting all done, you may think about further option to make your picture looks great.

This mod podge photo transfer idea is also very useful to make you coffee cups and mugs printed with patterns and pictures you like. Just repeat the same process to get you favorite pattern your coffee mug or cup.

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