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Wood Pallet Deck Furniture (Sofa and Table)

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Pallet decks can be piled together to make chair, table, sofa, daybed, bed and other furniture accessories. Up cycled wood comes with multiple benefits. Different raw pieces joined together made pallet decks. There are lot of techniques to use these decks and DIY art with them. Wood pallet deck made coffee tables, wall hangings, wall accents; bear bottle container, holders, and cupboard alternatives are making a space in furniture. Even you can go for deck made planter box, storage box, couches too. Painting them, adding loops and other art symbols result in decorating your homes with pallet made furniture differently.

Pallet sofa and Table without cushions

Outdoor Pallet Deck Furniture

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Pallet Deck Furniture

Wood Pallet Deck FurnitureSubmitted by Narelle Mikkelsen!

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