Pallet Dog House Made From Reclaimed Wood

We are having a great collection of creative and intelligent wood works done on pallets; the great ideas are here to give a boost to your creativity and also to make you a big fan of pallet wood projects! From a home lover to pet lover, everyone can get the respective stuff out of pallets like this DIY pallet dog house, a very first need of dog lovers! Construction is highly simple and affordable, all you need to do is to break the pallets into individual pieces and then repack them into a box like dimensions!

Just give a proper roof and earn a beautiful pet house! This mini wooden house would also be ideal for cats if you are having them as pets! Build amazing residences for your pets and also playing systems out of pallets, the bird cages, rabbit houses and chicken coops would also be on your finger tips if you manage to have a dependable source of pallets!

recycled pallet doghouse
Pallet wood provides brilliant crafts for pet lovers, like this crazy model of dog house! A full comfortable tiny residence to house your little dog breeds or puppies!
wooden pallet doghouse
All you need to build a compatible size of box in accord to your dog’s size! Leave the space for entrance and provide the top to finish into a brilliant dog house!
handcrafted pallet doghouse
Chevron top has been provided to this doghouse and has been built separately! All ridges and braces for the roof has been got by trimming down and modifying the pallet planks!
wooden pallet doghouse
Different alignments of pallet slats can give variation to whole design and hence you can make it personal by going with your own way! Checkout this shingled roof design to get yourself inspired!
upcycled wooden pallet doghouse
The housing has been stained for weather protection while the chevron roof has been painted in brick red for an awe-inspiring appearance! You can target various other materials and strategies to personalize this pallet dog house!

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