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DIY Pallet Bench with Cushions

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This DIY pallet bench is a complete demonstration of our massive and most wanted wishes from pallet wood. We had a great stock of pallet wood to make this long tailed bench and four seated cushion that gives it a royal and deluxe comfort feel. We have made it huge with long pattern arrangement of cleaned pallet planks.

The whole pallet wood has been made nail free and cavities free by a complete wax process on it. This pallet is all in one for whole patio or outdoor sitting plan, no matter whether you are adding chairs and sofa or not. You go in more tremendous and brilliant way to this handmade and handcrafted and salvaged pallet wood item, by giving it cover and template through desired paint and patterns.

Pallet Bench

Then it was turn of wood to be looked bright, so we got it sanded and stained for brand new appearance of wood grains and smooth touch of surface.

Outdoor Pallet Bench

The assembly of wooden parts and adhesive need have been fulfilled through glue and nails.

Pallet Bench

The real comfort and luxury comes due to marvelous attachment of cushions to it. All this 4 seated DIY pallet cushioned bench on a budget and super fast and easy to try at home.

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