DIY Rustic Cable Spool and Pallet Chair

creativity is always in your mind, you just need to give it a creative spark to release your genius imaginations. This DIY cable spool and pallet chair is an amazing example of creativity and has been design using old wood of home like pallets and cable spool. You mostly like to sit at home front porch or terrace area, this DIY pallet chair will play a very functional role to provide you super comfortable sitting at both of these areas. You can even position it your garden area or at pool deck to enjoy yourself and daydreaming.

Cable spool has wisely been cut to different sizes especially that of side wheels to build different sections of the chair like backrest and berth sections. Two old and thick wooden dowels have also integrated to this chair design that gives another unique side of chair. This DIY pallet furniture is just perfect to gain adorable furniture for accent portions of home. Give also a try to other styles of chairs like DIY pallet Adirondack chairs, pallet poolside chairs, pallet outdoor loungers!!

reclaimed pallet and cable spool patio chair

Design comes with two different sides made separately with different wood material. This amazing layout of chair can really make any of children or matures feel great while sitting on its comfy berth.

rustic yet modern pallet and cable spool chair

repurposed pallet chair

Rustic pallets and cable spools have been targeted to earn this sophisticated design of chair. Wood has been sanded with hands using a piece of sandpaper, sanding will also help you to get splinter free nature of wood.

upcycled pallet and cable spool patio chair

rustic yet sturdy pallet and cable spool chair

Style of this chair is just super funky and cool to be used at outdoor like at patio or in green garden space. You can plan a set of such chairs to have fun with your friends while sitting around the fire pits in winter nights.

upcycled pallet and cable spool chair

wooden pallet and cable spool chair

This super gorgeous design of handmade wooden chair is also super quick in construction. One can simply go for it at home even he feels very new to carpentry. Another creative example of pallet wood recycling for wooden creativity lover!! Do copy this amazing 15 Top DIY pallet furniture to get adorable chairs on a budget to meed your home sitting requirements!!

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