DIY Pallet Fire-Pit Table with Firewood Storage

There are many of us who invest a lot of money on outdoor equipment for amusement purposes! Nothing can make your patio or garden space cozy and welcoming but a fireplace or fir-pit setup especially when you are going thought a chilly weather or winter season! Fireplaces are the best to host the outdoor BBQ parties at your outdoor so provides you a way to enjoy a great family cluster or big friends get together! Checkout this DIY pallet fir-pit table, a super easy and cost efficient way to get a movable fireplace setup!

One can sit around this table with some friends or family members in the chilly evenings to share gossip bits and also to get the required amount of warmth at the same time! Whole pallets have been stacked to install the table top that just has been finished with concrete tiles and also gives the cubby style storage options to store your firewood! By making a cavity on the top, a steel pot has been fixed to ignite the wood fuel safely! Do clone this fire-pit table and create a friendly ambiance for outdoor sitting and part fun which would also be warm and cozy at the same to not let you shiver in deadly cold weather!

upcycled pallet fir-pit table
you need some concrete or ceramic tiles, pallet wood and a steel or metal pot to fit at the center of the table to ignite the wood fuel! Flip over a pallet board with dice section direction upward and let put some ceramic tiles over it and secure them by using extra wooden planks!
recycled pallet fir-pit table with storage
Just fit the steel pot as table top inlay and raise the whole setup on sturdy wooden legs! Pallet openings will allow you to store the firewood! Ceramic or concrete tiles just make the top level fire-proof and non-flammable, so you can ignite the wood without any danger!
fire-pit table made of pallets
Stain all the wooden surfaces to withstand the sunny outdoor weather and also to put visual attractiveness to whole of the table design! There is a big variety of stain available in the market with numerous different wooden shades, you can selected any according to the nature or species of pallet wood you are using!
upcycled pallet patio fire-pit table
Ignite the wood and sit around this table with a bunch of closed friends! One can also toast the Kebabs on it and hence can use this table to host the outdoor BBQ parties! If there is a deadly cold season in your area then just around this table in chilly evenings to get required amount of warmth to feel comfy and cozy!

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