Pallet Garden Seating Furniture Set

As we all know that the basic and the primary function of the pallets is in the packaging of Shipping goods after which they are thrown away like the useless items in the dumps and the landfills. Sometimes the pallets are heat treated before being used in the packaging, in order to make it free of harmful insects. This heat treatment awards a very rustic and distressed look to the wood which a gorgeous material to be used for some furnishing gains.

And here we have achieved this DIY pallet garden seating set from these heat treated pallets which really looks awesome and traditional in looks. the set consists of a pair of chairs and a coffee table in the center so that you and your partner enjoy a very pleasant time in the natural ambiance of the garden with some hot coffee and yummy snacks.

Pallet Garden Seating Furniture Set

The chairs come with armrest and backrests presenting a very common and traditional look while the table comes with an apt height and double shelf to let you have more to store in.

wooden pallet outdoor furniture
Your outdoor spaces especially the gardens are the best places to relax and to spend some quality time with your life partner and to make this time more comfortable and restful you can build this gorgeous pallet seating set.
diy pallet outdoor chair
You must be observing a different kind of pallet color and texture in this chair let me tell these are heat treated pallets. The chair comes with a common and traditional structure having a arm rest, back rest, a berth seat and standing on four legs.
pallet outdoor coffee table
No relaxing time is enjoyable without some healthy and yummy to eat or drink and for this purpose a coffee table is a must part of every seating. This coffee table has been built with double shelves to let you have maximum space for the holding of your essentials with you.
Recycled pallet outdoor furniture
The heat treatment of the pallets have given it a very rustic and distressed look which needs no staining so yo can only cover all the items with some weather resistant oil to make the set work well even in the brutal weathers.

Made by: Guam’s Pallet Guy

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