Pallet Vertical Garden with Pots

Pallet wood is really helping the people to fulfill their decor needs for their home sweet home. Like indoors the outdoor spaces also need to look beautiful and well decorated, with some suitable embellishing set sups. And to beautify your exterior designing and decor aspects we have a very functional and stylish solution for you with which you can make your garden look more pleasing and aesthetic in looks.

This is DIY pallet vertical garden boasting a very rustic and traditional appearance with three tiers of racks in its finely trimmed composition. You can display your hand painted plant holders in the racks for more jazzed up look of the garden. Small plant holders can be housed in the upper two racks while the big plant pots and holders would find best display spot in the large and wide base rack. Make this vertical garden stand in the center of your garden for an eye candid look for all the visitors.

Vertical planters of two benefits first you can make t display in your garden with some plants in it making it look more beautiful or it can be availed by those who does not have any garden area in their house but are really in love with greenery.
This vertical rack has been made into life by trimming a pallet plank out of pallet skid and adding three racks to it to hold the plant holders in them.First tow racks are small to hold small flower pots while the base rack is wide and big to house large plant pots in it.
You can fill the racks with your hand made and hand painted plant holder with your favorite herbs, flowers and plants in them. It would make a very gorgeous display in your garden and if you don’t have a garden you can bring in indoors for some visual pleasing look inside.

Made by: Créa Rénove) récupération de palette et création

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