Artistic and Decorative Pallet Shelf Design

The lives of today’s men are full of many items and things that make our life easy and convenient but their excess in our houses create a very messy and cluttered look. A sufficient organizing solution is required to sort out all these items at home and wooden shelves are best to be installed for this purpose. And with pallets, this shelf plan can be made free of cost without hurting your pocket. But in this effort never ever compromise on the design so that it creates a positive and gorgeous impact on your house decor.

That is why we have here with a very helpful and inspiring idea that you can easy handle at home with some pallet wood and some engineering tools. This is DIY creative and decorative pallet shelf design that would allot practical application as well rustic style statement to any room of the house. Some different in sizes square a rectangular pallet boxes have been crafted using pallet slat pieces.

Pallet Shelf

And these boxes have been yoked together in a random way to form a unique and trendy design letting you enjoy an accomplished shelf unit for the holding of your multiple items. Staining in the matching colors of your wall paint and your room decor, would make it look more fascinating.

diy pallet wall mounted shelf
Pallets are free, durable, sturdy and easy to work with so never miss chance to try these wonder wooden skids and there is a lot of creative, innovative and functional that you can perform with this using your hands and some tools. these shelves are best to start with.
pallet wall mounted shelf
Some home utilities, books and show piece items are the important part of our interior and they need a perfect housing spot in the house so built these pallet shelves to arrange all your collectibles and necessities in apple pie order.
wooden pallet wall mounted shelf
These shelves are extremely easy to build and if you are little good at the handling of the tools then you can achieve this shelving unit within a day. Just cut out some pallet slats out the pallets and grab your hammer and nails to shape them up.
Accent pallet wall mounted shelf
Join the slats together to form the big and small shapes of rectangular and cube shelves many in number. The next step would be to join these geometric shapes together to form a shelving unit to house multiple items on them.
Recycled pallet wall mounted shelf
Grab the items like books, some artifacts and your favorite flower vases and place them separately in each box and they would present a very stunning display and the shelving unit would contribute a lot to your decor with its chic style and design.
Reclaimed pallet wall mounted shelf
One more benefit that you can gain from this pallet shelving unit is that it would e mounted on the walls so it would a money saving ans space saving project for all you who want to make their spaces look immaculate and clutter free.
Repurposed pallet wall mounted shelf
The unfinished look of the shelves add some rusticity to your chic decor of the house but still you can coat it with any hue to make it look modern, shabby chic, traditional according to the type of decor you cherish in your home sweet home.

Made by: YvaR DesigN

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